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Ajania pacifica


This is an herbaceous ground cover native to Japan. This plant has attractive green and white/silver variegated foliage that...

Alibertia edulis

marmelada, puruí, Madrono

This deciduous bush hails from Central and South America where it thrives in sunny lowland disturbed areas. It is considered...

Alibertia patinoi

burijo, burojó

This is a large shrub/small tree that is suited to humid tropical climates. In fact, it will only grow in areas of very high...

Alyxia stellata


The entire maile plant is fragrant, especially the leaves, which are commonly used in leis. They are one of the few plants...

Argemone glauca

pua kala, beach poppy, Hawaiian poppy, Hawaiian prickly poppy, kala, naule

Although they can be covered in prickles, the beautiful flowers are worth it to many gardeners because they are so easy to...

Artemisia mauiensis

`ahinahina, hinahina

`Ahinahina has silvery fine leaves and makes a good shrub or groundcover. It grows to about 3' in ideal conditions. It...

Bixa orellana

achiote, lipstick plant

Achiote flowers produce fuzzy pods (they are usually red but there is also a yellow form). When dry, the pods split open...

Bombax ceiba

cotton tree, kapok tree, red silk cotton tree, bombax, semal, Assamese

When in bloom, this tree makes a spectactular specimen. However, the seeds are poisonous if ingested and there are conical...

Canavalia galeatea


This lovely flowering vine produces large, deep purple flowers which are used in lei-making. Because it is a nitrogen fixer,...

Capparis sandwichiana

maiapilo, pua pilo, polo, Hawaiian caper

Maiapilo is a wonderful coastal plant with large, fragrant flowers. It does not tolerate over-watering. It makes a great...

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